“The capacity to learn is a gift,  the ability to learn is a skill, and the willingness to learn is a choice” 

~ Brian Herbert

SAG Consulting UK offers work-based flexible training . We do this because most of our clients say releasing staff for training is a big challenge. Our flexible training option offers short sessions at a time and this suits most businesses. If you prefer a full session in one go we can also offer that.

Below are the UK accredited programmes we have on offer. We also offer tailor-made food and beverage courses on request.

Accredited courses available :

CIEH Introductory Level 1 Certificate in Food Safety

This qualification is designed to raise awareness of key food safety issues and provide employees with an induction in food safety. It is ideal for production or retail employees with minimal or no prior food safety knowledge, employees handling low-risk or wrapped food, front-of-house employees such as waiting or checkout staff, or back-of-house employees such as kitchen porters or warehouse staff.

CIEH Foundation Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety

Everyone who works in the food industry, whether in catering, manufacturing or retail, is responsible for safeguarding the health of anyone who consumes food that has been prepared, processed, stored, served, sold, or distributed by their food business. This qualification underlines the importance of food safety and provides learners with an understanding of how to identify and control food safety hazards in their own workplace.

CIEH Intermediate Level 3 Certificate in Food Safety

This qualification will benefit anyone working in a supervisory position: • where food is prepared, cooked, and served • where food is processed or manufactured • in a food retail outlet. As well as providing an in-depth understanding of the application and monitoring of good food safety practice, this qualification will also ensure that supervisors understand how to implement food safety management procedures.

CIEH Foundation Level 2 Certificate in HACCP

This course will develop your knowledge and raise awareness of food hazards. You will learn about analyzing and controlling biological, chemical, and physical hazards from production to handling and distribution. This training programme covers the basic HACCP regulations on managing food safety.

CIEH Intermediate Level 3 Certificate in HACCP

This course is designed for supervisors and managers within the catering, retail, and manufacturing industries. It enables managers and supervisors to develop their knowledge of food safety and ensure that you meet your legal obligations and minimise risks.

Delivery options:

We deliver our courses remotely (online classroom) as default, in cohorts of 6, but we will also deliver them at your site in the UK if you have more than 6 candidates and prefer this option. For all clients based outside the UK, we can deliver this via online classroom to your team or you can join a class of students from various organisations.

All remote courses are delivered in two-hour or four-hour sessions.

Training Cost :

Level 1 Courses are £125 per candidate.

Level 2 Courses are £175 per candidate.

Level 3 Courses are £375 per candidate.

UK candidates are charged VAT at the normal rate

Please contacts us for further details or a discussion.